History and 40th Anniversary

In 2015, BMS celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the British Moroccan Society (BMS).

In 1975 Ronald Bailey, recently retired British Ambassador to Morocco, got together with Captain David Russell, then Organising Secretary of the Society for the Protection of Animals in North Africa (SPANA). Together, they set the wheels in motion for the formation of the Society.

Mr Abdallah Chorfi, then Moroccan Ambassador in London, and Sir Anthony Nutting, were approached to become the Patrons. In October 1976, the Society was officially inaugurated during a reception at the residence of the next Moroccan Ambassador, Baderddine Senussi.

Throughout the years, the core objectives of the Society have remained constant. This has been ensured by the active involvement and commitment of current Vice-Chairman, Dr Ali Bahaijoub (member of BMS from the outset), and current Honorary Vice-President, Annie Austin (member since the early years). In 2005, BMS became an official charity and company under UK law, allowing the Society to expand its work.

Looking to the future, BMS has a new Development Plan to increase membership and to offer even more benefits to members. As well as developing economic, tourism, cultural and educational links and exchanges still further, we also hope to increase support to charitable projects. Events are ever more ambitious with the introduction of new activities and programmes and a series of symposia are planned on different subjects of interest related to Morocco.