British Moroccan Society
Next Event: Gala Dinner 2 November 2021
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Next Event: Gala Dinner 2 November 2021
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The British Moroccan Society is dedicated to the promotion of links and mutual understanding between the two Kingdoms. We achieve this by providing opportunities for social, cultural, educational, business and charitable activities.

This year we are celebrating the anniversary of the 1721 Treaty of Tetuan, the first UK-Morocco treaty which heralded 300 years of friendship and cooperation.


Future BMS Events



The BMS aims to foster:

  • Knowledge of Morocco in the UK and vice-versa
  • Interest in Moroccan and British culture and art and the development of cultural exchange between the two countries
  • Social contacts between those interested in the two kingdoms
  • Commercial, economic and touristic links and exchanges
  • Educational collaboration and connections
  • Events to raise money for charitable causes in Morocco

We are a registered Charity in the UK (No. 1111703)