Association Inna Hna

Benedicte Clarkson, BMS Trustee, writes:
In October 2019, I visited Douar Baach-Irt, 6 kms by piste from the main road to Ouarzazate, just before Le Col du Tichka. There, a local man, Abderrahman, founded a charity, Association Inna Hna, to help his people. This Berber village in the mountains had no water. Abderrahman found the means to bring water from a source 9 kms away. As it is at 2000m high, the village is covered in snow in winter and isolated. It’s cold. The 20,000 dirhams that the BMS has donated up to now is going towards the building of a communal house, maison de village, which will have a small medical room with the basics, but mostly a room where the women can meet up around a fire and keep warm in winter. The project for the building alone will cost 156,000 dirhams, then you have to add wall painting, tables, chairs, toilet, shower.

I received such a lovely welcome – as the photographs below show. Abderrahman works for a transport company which works with Travel Link. He is a lovely man, very dedicated to improving the lives of the village women (a lot of the men have had to go to look for work somewhere else).

I hope the BMS can continue to help this association.

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