NLC European Forum and BMS Wine Tasting

Wednesday 14th September, 7pm

Ahead of the NLC European Forum visit to Morocco in 2023, the NLC invites members of the British Moroccan Society to explore the taste of Moroccan wine whilst overlooking the Thames.

Morocco has always been a land of wine, since ancient times from the Roman occupation of North Africa. Currently, there are a dozen large wineries across the country and Meknes is at the forefront of the field. Today, 60% of Moroccan wine production is still concentrated in this region. Red wine dominates, with over 75% of production; rosé wines and vin gris account for almost 20%, and white wine for the remaining 5%. The majority of the wine produced is everyday vin de table, but with a new breed of producers experimenting with a variety of vines the quality of Moroccan wines has risen enormously, receiving international accolades and an increasing number of awards

The tasting will be held on the NLC terrace overlooking the Thames, or in the Smoking Room if inclement weather.


  • Guerrouaine Blanc Les Trois Domaines Les Celliers de Meknes, 2020 (White)
  • Volubia Gris La Zouina, 2020 (Rosé)
  • Syrah du Maroc ‘Tandem’ Alain Graillot et Thalvin, 2019 (Red)

Tickets are £30 per person, guests welcome. Tickets can be purchased online here.

You can contact Freda,, with any questions.