BMS Committee Member ADNAN BENANNI has made a career that celebrates the craftwork of Morocco. Through his specialist company, Moroccan Bazaar, Adnan has access to some of the finest craftsmen in Morocco and in this occasional series he shares with us some of his knowledge about traditional skills.

Here’s what Adnan has to say about the art of….


Brass is extensively used in Moroccan lighting and takes on many forms.

Once new designs are drawn up, an extensive collaborative stage commences with our most experienced Maalam (master craftsman).

The fretwork pattern is hand-drawn by the Maalam zouak and can take many different designs, from intricate floral motifs and geometric designs through to calligraphy typography.

The intricate design is then traced onto paper and forms part of the template that will be placed onto sheets of solid brass. Only the thickest brass sheets are used, ensuring which that the range is suitable for heavy use in locations such as hotels.

Tiny jewellers’ saws are then used to hand pierce the metal work in the chosen design. This painstaking task is carried out by only the most experienced of craftsmen.

The results are then ready to provide an exotic taste of Morocco anywhere in the world.